• Construction data and information

    Construction data and information

    MLA provides excellent information on and off site at high levels of detail. We can also act as information gatherers for ERP system

  • Better Profits

    Better Profits

    Customer loyalty to our systems is exceptional - a company director recently said "He will never run another contract without our CMP system". MatUse has been called "The best in the world" by someone who has seen them all.

  • Man-Hours


    Simplifies the administration of man-hours for all disciplines and provides pushbutton data, and analysis saving time, money and adding value.


What MLA Is About

MLA has spent years on construction sites, often multinational projects and we have produced systems with unique detail and unusual perspective.  MLA has combined all the common areas on site between discipline providing cost saving and efficiencies.  These systems complement but do not overlap with corporate ERP systems,  We often link our systems as extensions of ERP systems.  They provide stunning level of new information on people, materials and welding.